Japanese Delegation visits kiwi AG

Japanese Delegation visits kiwi AG to discuss Energy Transition and Carbon Recycling

On February 6, Nishizuka Takashi, Deputy General Manager and Hisayoshi Tanda, Senior Staff from the "Refinery Integration for Group-Operation (RING)," as well as Shingo Fujisawa, Process Design Engineer from the "Japan Coal Frontier Organization (JCOAL)," to visit the kiwi e-gas plant and discuss the topic of industry energy transition and exchange ideas with Dr. Hermann Pengg, CEO of kiwi AG.

The focus of the discussions was on carbon recycling in European petrochemical complexes and the kiwi AG's e-RNG plant. The Japanese delegation and the kiwi AG team exchanged information on Power-to-X (PtX) and provided insights into relevant challenges, ongoing projects, and initiatives in Japan and Europe.

The discussions were of great interest, and important insights were exchanged. kiwi AG welcomes the visit of the Japanese delegation and looks forward to deepening cooperation with Japanese companies in the future.

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